Published on Sep 04, 2019
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When the NATO-sponsored Nusra Front terrorists stormed the city of Al-Bab, in the farthest north of Aleppo countryside, in early 2013 they had a specific goal, their goal was not to defend the Syrian people from unjust, their goal was to destroy the last secular country in the region. And do note in the video how he admits to working 'hand in hand' with the Free Syrian Army (Moderate Terrorists), literally.

Some western followers might get surprised why would NATO seek to destroy secularism and replace it with a radical anti-Islamic doctrine like the Wahhabi religion? For those we ask them the following question, if they can answer our question they would answer theirs: Why do all NATO member states support the Israeli goal of establishing a 'Jewish' state over occupied Palestine thus eliminating secularism which protected all the people of the Levant since the days of Noah?

Some of NATO terrorists crimes in the early days including how they threw the post office workers off the rooftop of Al-Bab city post office building in this report - note some of the videos are gone when YouTube deleted my channel: With Moderate Rebels Like These Who Needs Terrorists?.

I used to close many of my posts with this closure:"They fool you, they keep fooling, you and they enjoy fooling you, not because they're smart, it's because you're 'Foolable'."

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