Published on Aug 27, 2019
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They faked news about Syria and they intervened to save the victims of the fake news they fabricated, but when it comes to Libya, the country that once the 'Jewel of Africa' which they invaded and turned into a fail state and the most insecure country in Africa, they just turn a blind eye, why? Their mission was never to save the people or the welfare of the Libyan people suffering as they claimed from a 'dictator', it was to loot the Libyan oil, at all costs including the killing of their own US ambassador.

This report from March 2013 sheds more light on the state of Libya they made, nothing changed since it was first published except more deaths and destruction in Libya, more in this post: Libya 'Arab Springed': Lashing in Public.

Reloading the Syria News archive here is meant to preserve another copy of the videos online especially that YouTube has deleted my channel and it's very costly - for me personally - to buy host my videos elsewhere.

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