Published on Aug 11, 2019
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One of the most horrific practices carried out by the Free Syrian Army in its different factions is field executions of multiple civilians.

The FSA - Free Syrian Army is just an umbrella used by propagandists in the west to cover the crimes of all sorts of terrorists brought to Syria by NATO and stooges from all sides of the world.

If for whatever reason you find it justifiable to support and arm a group of people against another state and call them 'rebels' or 'armed opposition', we pray that someone would do the same in your countries.

The tactic is simple: Plant fear among the civilians and force them into obedience.

They'd go to a public facility like a post office, electric power station, municipality, just any public establishment, round up a group of men workers and kill them, throw them off rooftops like in the infamous case in Al-Bab city north of Aleppo, we've shared the video before, or like the field execution in a public square like in the video I re-shared a few days ago, or like in this case.

This video clip was translated and embedded in the post: **Field Executions by Nusra Front in Der Ezzor, Syria.

If some of you might find it disturbing, especially western citizens, you should understand this is the result of your tax money and your governments hostile policies against my country and my people. Be sure we will never forget and never forgive, but also rest assured we will not do to you what you did to us, we leave that to God and the rule of karma he put among his creatures.

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