Published on Sep 06, 2019
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At the height of the US-led War of Terror waged against the Syrian people in May 2013 the Syrian President Assad surprised the on duty workers at the main electricity station in Damascus.

In case you're interested to know how the Syrian people were unified in their struggle against NATO terror, watch this video.

The workers were working on the holiday of the Workers' Day (Labor Day), and were challenging the NATO terrorists who were in turn systematically targeting all Syria's infrastructure, especially the energy sector. Many electricity workers were assassinated, kidnapped, tortured, intimidated, power stations blown up, others dismantled and stole by Turkish Erdogan through his terrorists, and gas pipe lines were sabotaged even by the crew of CNN.

This video is part of the post: President Assad Greets Workers on their Day.

I'm uploading my archive to 3Speak to preserve the videos on an additional public platform after YouTube deleted my channel with over 500 videos on it.

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