Published on Aug 18, 2019
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After more than 6 years between 1976 and 1982 fighting Muslim Brotherhood terror groups all over the country, the late Syrian President Hafez Assad in a speech in front of a crowd exposed the evil terrorist groups's goals and agenda, its loyalties and its tactics and who supports it.

Part of this speech I've translated back in June 2013 to compare the similarities, the same tactics, the same group, and the same sponsors, same backstabbers (Turkey - Saudi Arabia - Jordan..) but different faces.

The military backbone of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists was broken in the 1982 battle of Hama, Central Syria. The western mainstream media and the regional stooges, including the propagandists against Syria of the Muslim Brotherhood and other Al-Qaeda affiliates continue to accuse the Syrian state of killing tens of thousands of people in the city of Hama, even that time claiming they were only peaceful protesters. Some of these propagandists put the figures of killed civilians in Hama in that battle anywhere between 15,000 and 45,000, depending on the time their propaganda campaign is launched.

Guess what? 30 years later from 1982 in 2012 the US's DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency), not the deceitful CIA, declassified its report about the 1982 'Battle of Hama', the toll of the dead were less than 2,000 Two Thousands only, out of them are 400 of the Muslim Brotherhood fighters known as Fighting Vanguards, and the rest were mostly Syrian government workers and Army officers and their families killed mainly by the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists themselves. Here's a link to download the full declassified report: - I kept a copy to preserve it. You can find the same if you dig through the DIA's archive.

Don't fall into western mainstream media lies, they only promote wars and destruction of other nations. Don't fall for regime change wars, you benefit nothing from it except more hatred from the families of the victims you slain by your hands or your words, and you'll be carrying each drop blood the rest of your lives. Be like a Muslim, a true one, only fight when attacked, don't be like a Wahhabi the fake Muslims the west sponsors and blow up civilians. In Islam the worst punishment in hell is preserved to those who shed innocent blood of any human being.

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