Published on Dec 27, 2019
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When the USA and its poodle the UK decided to become the 'Pirates of the Persian Gulf,' they thought they're unstoppable and that Iran, the nation with the longest coast on the Gulf, would sit polite and accept their hegemony.

What they didn't expect is that Iran will stand up to their piracy and show them that it's a regional super power that can't be ignored or subdued, it went to the extent of shooting down the US's drone, the pride in military weapons drone without a single word from the USA.

Later, the 'smart' strategists in the Pentagon came up with their over-consumed plan to form a 'coalition' (remember the coalitions to invade Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Protecting ISIS in Syria..?), this new coalition will 'ensure the safety of the maritime in the Persian Gulf' as they said, just like as they said they wanted to 'protect civilians in Libya', similarly to punish Iraq because there were 15 Saudis out of 19 allegedly behind the 9/11, and so on.. If without a coalition the UK pirated an Iranian oil tanker and was forced to let it go after Iran confiscated two British oil tankers, what will a 'coalition' do?

Well, bad news for the 'strategists' in the Pentagon, others can also form a 'coalition' to 'protect' the international waterway of Hormuz, and now back to the panicking in the US camp.

Although China is saying it will be contributing moderately in these drills by the new coalition formed between China, Iran and Russia, even having their flag raised on one of the ships in a symbolic gesture is an enough message to the US and cronies that the world is evolving away from the fading one polar to multiple polar regime.

The video is from Chinese CNA channel, shared by Professor Tim Andersen:

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