Published on Sep 09, 2019
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In this video by Iranian Al-Alam with English translation by us covers a number of battle fronts the Syrian Arab Army fighting with US-sponsored al-Qaeda terrorists in Aleppo, near Damascus, and Idlib back in June 2013.

One of the 'Syrian' opposition members killed by the SAA was a Qatari commander in al-Qaeda, how would the US explain foreign terrorists from Al-Qaeda fighting the Syrian people and the US is transferring weapons to them and supplying them with all luxurious facilities it has?

We, Syrians, have how degenerated US and other Western governments are when it comes to their hypocrite ugly faces, they claim to fight Al-Qaeda and its affiliates only after they create it, arm it, finance it, send it to kill a targeted people then they come to fight their own created terrorists in their fake war on terror. We exposed it from day one to be US-led War Of Terror, not on terror.

Hundreds of similar videos were on my YouTube Channel which was taken out by Al-Qaeda sympathizers in the Google-owned platform. Still we have thousands of posts updates about the Syrians struggle with the Western terror on our site: Syria News.

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