Published on Jul 21, 2019
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Banned in most of the western hemisphere, the 'free speech promoting countries', Lebanese Al-Manar TV station meets the family of the victims of a field execution carried out in Raqqa City by US-sponsored ISIS terrorists.

Those called 'Shabeeha' or 'thugs' were a dentist working for over 17 years in Hassakeh province and have worked extensively with a United Nations agency aiding Iraqi refugees in Syria, his nephew who is a teacher in the same area and a 3rd unidentified victim.

All 3 men were blindfolded shot dead from the back of their heads from a few centimeters away distance by US-sponsored 'Rebels'.

Video report translated, captioned and embedded in this post: The 'Shabeeha' Killed in the FSA Field Execution in Raqqa.

The crimes the Syrian people have witnessed at the hands of anti-Islamic Wahhabi terrorists sent to Syria by NATO and stooges countries are unimaginable, especially at times we thought humanity has evolved into more civilization.

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