Published on Sep 12, 2019
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Lebanese OTV channel crew visited the border area of Qussayr countryside where the Syrian Arab Army and its allied were completing the siege on the terrorists inside the strategic city in May 2013.

Meeting the SAA men at the front line, some of the men have been holding their position for 2 years without a single day leave. That determination with the Grace of God helped to clean most of the Syrian cities from US-sponsored al-Qaeda terrorists and it will continue until last inch in Syria is clean.

NATO were putting all their weight behind the terrorists of Al-Qaeda FSA in this city for its strategical importance, that's why I titled the related post that included this post Qussayrgrad, in reference to the historical turning point of Stalingrad during WWII which winning its battle flipped the tide in the great war, the battle of Qussayr in 2013 was no different.

More in the report: Syria: Qussayrgrad, WWIII Anybody?

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