Published on Aug 27, 2019
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The United States of America recruited literally hundreds of thousands of terrorists and brought them from all sides of the world all the way from China, Indonesia, Australia, to Central Asia, Afghanistan and Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, to Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, in Africa, to Germany, France, Belgium, and all the way to Britain, not to mention the USA itself, they had one task: Destroy Syria.

Thankfully and all praises to God, the Syrian people were alert and since they had decades of untrustworthy US policies supporting Israeli crimes against all Arabs including against Syria, the Syrian people, our armed forces and our allies believing nothing good comes from the US have not fallen into the plot known as the 'Arab Spring'. Not only we fought it and now defeating its last strongholds in Idlib and US-sponsored separatist Kurdish SDF militias, we also managed to reverse the domino effect and encourage countries that fell in the hands of the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood and Wahhabism cults like Egypt, Tunisia and others to clean their countries from US-sponsored terrorists and soon we will clean our entire country and help others rid their countries from the world's filthiest filth the US-sponsored 'freedom fighters' - 'moderate rebels' - 'armed opposition' - and whatever names that the US calls them.

Just ask yourself from whichever country you are: Do you accept to have 'freedom fighters' sponsored by another country in your country shooting at passers by, blowing up cars in markets or in schools where your children are or electricity stations? Would you accept to have an 'armed opposition' in your country? How would your government and law enforcement forces react to 'armed opposition' groups most of whom are coming from other countries to your country and destroying everything you and your parents and your people have built through decades of hard work? If you don't accept that in your country you shouldn't accept it for other countries to suffer from this terror.

This is part of our post dated 02 April 2013: Syrian Arab Army Unit Repels Attack of Nusra Front Terrorists in Damascus Countryside.

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