Published on Jul 30, 2019
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New villages were cleaned from US-sponsored terrorists of Nusra Front and its affiliates, large stocks of weapons, advanced communication devices, documents, medicine and other logistics provided to the terrorists which cost tens of millions of dollars were confiscated, their network of tunneling they dug with US taxpayers and citizens of other countries were also discovered and later destroyed.

Some footage of killed terrorists might upset the viewers, please note that these were killed during combats and not before camera and not in front of women and children beheading their brothers, mothers, sisters, and fathers, like what US-sponsored Moderate Rebels did in Syrian villages and towns they infested.

No other army in the world fought on over 40 active battle fronts each single day for more than 8 years and survived, actually no other army in the world fought on more than two fronts for 2 weeks and survived, that's the difference when you fight to protect your country, your family, your loved ones and when you go on war as mercenaries and forced to fight someone else's war.

Keep in mind the Syrian Arab Army is fighting the world's filthiest filth of armies of suicide terrorists, comprised with double its active number of personnel and coming from all sides of the planet armed with weapons and logistics more advanced than what the SAA has, and they are supported by the super powers and super rich countries of the world.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar alone paid up to 138 billion US dollars up to 2017 to finance the US-led terror war on Syria as per the confession of the Qatari prime minister himself on his country's state TV. Then you can add NATO's contribution and other countries that prefer to destroy Syria and kill Syrian people than to invest in their own healthcare, education, welfare, infrastructure and well being of their citizens. Then add to it all of Israel's support capabilities and direct attacks on Syria.

Video report by ANNA News, I've added the translation to English and captioning for Syria News.

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