Published on Sep 11, 2019
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GRAPHIC contains footage of barbecued US-sponsored terrorists - Viewers discretion advised.

A US agent seen in this video taken by terrorists from Al-Qaeda FSA terrorists in the city of Qussayr, Homs Countryside, March 2013. The US agent freaks out literally as the Syrian Arab Army's blessed artillery shelled exactly near his place and the bodies of the targeted terrorists blown up in front of him.

Whoever tells you it was a spontaneous public uprising by the Syrian people against their own state ask them what hundreds of thousands of foreign terrorists were doing there from the early days? And why most of their victims were Syrian civilians?

It takes experience and hard training to use the artillery against targets far away, it takes exceptional talents to use artillery to fire at moving targets and hit the exact targets without causing any damage to the surrounding.

Now you can realize what the SAA soldiers have gone through, who they were fighting and how they're winning the unwinnable battles against hundreds of thousands of US and NATO-sponsored terrorists local and foreign imported all over Syria.

This video is part of Syria News archive deleted by YouTube in their onslaught campaign against those who oppose the Pentagon's propaganda for wars abroad.

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