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Published on Jan 10, 2020
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Have you heard this?????

The Seaboard is a MIDI controller, manufactured by ROLI, that has flexible rubber for keys instead of traditional "moving keys", and features an on board sound engine. It features 5d technology (see below) which consists of: "Strike", "Glide" and "Press", front - rear "Slide" sensitivity, and release–velocity "Lift" (Rise only). This can be used for example to play the Seaboard like a fretless bass guitar, or you can introduce vibrator into a string patch which would not be possible on a traditional MIDI controller. The Seaboard also features polyphonic aftertouch, and a built-in USB charged battery.


Strike – The way the player makes contact with the Seaboard (Velocity)

Press – Pressure applied to the Seaboard after the first making contact with it. (Aftertouch)

Glide – Left and right movements from side to side on a Seaboard, sends pitch bend information. (Pitch bend)

Slide – Vertical movements up and down the Seaboard. (Brightness)

Lift – The speed you take your fingers away from the Seaboard. (Release velocity).

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