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Published on Feb 05, 2020
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My name is Biltu. I teach in public school class 9. The SSC exam will start from the 3rd of February. So our school is on vacation. This time I'm free. And I don't have to work on a loan at home. I joined @cleanplanet today to get inspiration from two older brothers @t3a and @akash66 in my area. I will be involved with this work for 1 month INSHA ALLAH. If I get time in front. Then I'll do this. That's why I work on youtube with the big brothers in my area. But I don't have a YouTube channel of my own. I have a twitter account. I'm doing verification at @3speak. They have granted me. So today, I shared an introduction post. INSHA ALLAH I will be working @3speak every day from now on. Everyone will pray for me. Everyone will be fine...

Assalamu Alaykum

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