Published on May 18, 2020
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This is my entry to the weekly activities challenge to promote Telos4Africa.
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Hello, there.

| WILL you like to know more about Telos and how you can get more of it?

Then this video is for you.

Telos is a blockchain forked off EOS to solve the problems of ram/CPU/net.

It's fast and truly decentralized, that is, the community has a say and there's no "leaders"

Due to it's great features, many DApps are launched on it and old ones from other blockchains moved, e.g murmur from EOS to Telos

Sesacash (Yensesa) moved from Bitshares to Telos

There are game apps, etc

How does T4A come in?

The soul of every, business is the community, hence, Telos in Africa

You'd find other Africans running other projects on Telos

Sesacash is an exchange (a DeFi), Telokanda for marketing, Angry WarLords is a game, Telos weather balloon s, Zeptagram for music, etc

But T4A is more than that; we have a charity department, education department and the most popular D P O W

You don't work for free, you are rewarded for every activity you engaged in towards the promotion of Telos in Africa

Please, what's D P O W?
D P O W stands for,
Decentralized Proof of Work

How can I come into this?

Participate in the activities, or offer any of the services we are promoting, or those highlighted on the website and document.

And where can I buy Telos to hold?

You can buy Telos from, Probit, Newde Cryptolocally, etc, you can also buy from p2p

Do I need to register in Telos?

Yes, You can Create your Telos account by checking out

telos 4 africa dot com / how to create telos wallet

Ok, now how much is 1 Telos and how many can I earn per activity?

It's fluctuating between 8 to 13 Naira at the moment.

Earnings depend on the amount alloyed to each task/activity, so it's not fixed.

This video is made with love from, Abimbola Adeshewa.|
For the love of Telos4Africa
#telos4africa #telos #Telos4africa

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