Wow!!! WhatsApp Will Be Blocked, FB And Instagram Will Be Restricted Today For Indonesia
by mariska.lubis - a year ago

Anyone have good idea what we are supposed to call a regime who like to block our rights to use our social media? They will refuse any kind of names related to totaliterian and communism. They will always say they support freedom and democracy though. Really I have no idea better than "donkey", I wish I have better word than that.

Today, June 14th 2019 is a very important day for Indonesia. Today,
The Constitutional Court (MK) will hold the first session of dispute over the results of the 2019 Presidential Election. This trial is held as the "action" upon the request from the applicant of presidential candidate candidate number 02 Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno which accepted by the Court on May 25, 2019. The General Election Commision determined that candidate number 01 is the winner of 2019 Presidential election, but there are a lot of proofs and indications that lead to suspicion of systematic fraud that was deliberately carried out.

As we all could predict, people will come to "guard" and to "witness" this trial, as well as to make sure that this trial runs fair, honest, and open. Some people might still have "trauma" after what happened in 2014, and they do not want the same mistakes happened. We can say that this is not supposed to be happened and the people should accept ther rresult since the beginning, but you have to accept the fact that people have no trust anymore to the government and even to the media which under controlled by the government. A lot!

The silliest thing is that the government have announced that they are going to block our access to WhatsApp again and will limitize or access to other social media such as FB and Instagram again today. For the same reasons which I called insanity, to avoid hoax news. For me, personally, this is not a good reason at all, this is the way to avoid the truth which can be delivered by all via social media.

There are 12,000 police are placed in the area to anticipate the people to come too close to the court. It seems like they are trying to make people believe that there will be some kind of huge riots and resistance from people who support Prabowo-Sandi, and again this is totally wrong. People are not coming to support, and none ever told them to come. Prabowo and Sandi even already announced to stop people to come. This is about people who are using their rights to know the truth and to make sure that the government who spent a lot of people's money for election and the whole process are used properly and correct.

Well, donkey will always do the same misakes again and again. They do not know anything about respect. The only thing they know is about how to get rich and more powerful, with out care.

Jakarta, June 14th 2019

Warm Regards,

Mariska Lubis