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The honor is like a mirror and you get back as much as you show people
by mamun123456 - 7 months ago

HowHow are you all, of course you are good and always be good and healthy I wish this blessing again today we are going to share with you a motivational that we all need to know.

You know I always try to share with you something that benefits the 10th and 10th. Likewise, I am sharing some things with you today.

Today, some of your words about honor are really the most important in a person's life that people try to get the honor but can everyone receive this honor as the honor, the honor, the honor.

Did you know that honor is like a mirror because you will get back just as much respect as anyone, so you can see how that honor is compared to a mirror.

So to be a respectable person, you must do something honorable that people see you do.

Do something that people respect you because if you do not have respect you will feel that you are not the greatest asset.