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by jamesgoddard - 9 months ago

June 21st will see the start of 4 'Losing My Religion' conferences hosted by MEND which stands for Muslim engagement and development. Over the course of 4 days MEND and their extremist, crazy speakers will be visiting Birmingham, Cardiff, Manchester & London.

MEND is an Islamic lobby group that works closely with our elected officials and Police. The organisation claims to help British Muslims engage with the democratic process. However what the majority of the public probably won't know is MEND are a group which are led by extremists who, advocate Sharia law, called for British Mosques to pray for the Mujahedeen, attacked liberal Muslim groups engaged in counter-terrorism and finally senior MEND officials have links with extremist groups such as Iera, Al Asqa & CAGE. As well as having links to the Muslim Brotherhood.

MEND outlined their choice for the title 'Losing My Religion' for following reasons. The rise of the Far-Right, rampant Islamophobia and Islamic principles and practices under attack, not just insults and abuse but also the loss of life. Although the 2017 conferences were an entirely Islamist led events, 2019's conferences see Left wing activists such as Akala & Mallia Bouattia brought into the Islamist fold, which furthers MENDS effort to forge an alliance with the Far-Left, further evidence for this claim includes Jeremy Corbyn speak at a MEND event in the UK Parliament.

The Speakers

Linda Sarsour, perhaps the biggest name of them all. Sarsour is a Muslim of Palestinian heritage. She is known supporter of The Muslim Brotherhood, a promoter of the anti Israel BDS movement and she's praised Sharia Law which includes second class status for women, amputation punishments and is inherently undemocratic. Linda has also praised the Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who once said Hitler was a 'great man' Sarsour has connections with (CAIR) and (NAIT) both are linked to Hamas. Finally, she described Western policies in the Middle East as a wholesale attack on Muslims.

Mallia Bouattia former National Union of Students (NUS) leader who has been embroiled in various anti-Semitic controversies. During her time as a student at the University of Birmingham, she was involved in hosting a play called "Seven Jewish Children" which has been widely criticised as anti-Semitic. In 2016 she was accused of "outright racism" by the House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee over comments she made relating to Israel -- that the University of Birmingham was a "Zionist outpost" and referred to "Zionist-led media outlets". Immersed in the identity politics of the far-left, Bouattia has a history of re-tweeting posts about white privilege and referencing it to Islamophobia: e.g. re-tweeting tweet, "White privilege is encouraging an Islamophobic smear fest against a Muslim Congresswoman because she stands against racism and apartheid, then thinking you can waltz into a vigil for dead Muslims and not p*** people off."

AKALA a rapper, left-wing activist and self-styled public intellectual who endorsed Jeremy Corbyn in the 2017 UK general election. He wrote in The Guardian that he would be voting for Corbyn because, "for the first time in my adult life, and perhaps for the first time in British history, someone I would consider to be a fundamentally decent human being has a chance of being elected." His activism has included campaigning to 'decolonise' British university curricula and he has published a book titled Natives: Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire. He tends towards an anti-American and anti-Israel stance, which surfaced in his Twitter comments on the possible legalisation of marijuana sales: "Now the US and to lesser degree Israel look set to control the industry after decades of bullying Jamaica and criminalising its own ppl (US)" and "In a decade if/when US & Israeli companies are making tens of billions off weed ppl will ask dumb questions like why is Jamaica still poor". An unfavourable reading of his views might cast them as expressing anti-white racism. Referring to white working-class British people, he said, "These are stupid people" and he claims that British society is "institutionally racist".

Saliha Mahmood Ahmed a celebrity chef who supports/works at events organized by Muslim Aid – a charity with a track-record of fundraising for Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Muslim Aid also has links to Islamic Forum of Europe -- the European wing of the Jamaat-e-Islami, a Southeast Asian Islamist political party with close ties to the Global Muslim Brotherhood.

Mufti Abdur Rahman the director of ZamZam Academy, which has promoted material endorsing 'wife beating' and material which could be interpreted as endorsing child marriage.

*Final Thoughts
***Mend are clearly an extremist, Islamist organisation that are using lies, deceit and fear to further their own twisted agenda whilst creating a false narrative in which they play the victim, anyone who has legitimate concerns with Islam is automatically branded a racist, bigot or an Islamophobe in attempt to silence debate. Not only are MEND deceptive but they also have a lot of influence over goverment institutions and public services. They have recently worked alongside Greater Manchester Police and Manchester City Council, with a view to going into schools. We simply can't allow organisations like MEND to operate without vigorously challenging their warped ideas in rational debate and lawful protest. Which is why the 2019 conferences must be met with protests, outlining that we the British people will not allow Islamist groups to gain numbers and ultimately have a detrimental effect on the British way of life. Manchester and London have both suffered Islamist terror attacks in the past, is that why MEND have chosen to host their conferences in those cities? Either way, their conferences MUST be met with lawful protest