M y best videos on 3speak !
by clixmoney - 3 months ago

I joined @threespeak about 15 days ago and I want to share with you the best videos I've created there so far.

This is also my first blog in the platform and I want to try how it works blogging here.

So, let's go :

The one of the best videos I think it's the one with more views and that's a new one created by me about the competition that we have on the platform.

If you still didn't watch it, take a look here :

It's having over 40 views just in the last 24 hours and that's great.

The second most watchable is the one about going to mars. It seems that people really like topics about the space. Or maybe the thumbnail is cool. lol

The video is having more than 35 views.

Since the platform is about freedom of speech, I thaught to talk about the manipulation will be good on it. So, I created a video and just called it ''How to not get manipulated !'' and in the thumbnail just wrote the word.

It's also having over 30 videos and that's awesome. ☺

I still remember the one about talking about Russia and how people are blaming this country about a lot of things happening in the world. So, I created a video about the topic, showing even the city I live in and to prove that Russia is modern cool country with peaceful people living in it.

Only 16 views, but I just love that video. lol

And the last and not the least, is the topic that I wanted always to talk about and that's suspecting Russia in the election of Trump.

The thumbnail is hilarious with me being next to Putin and Trump. lol

I hope you enjoyed this post. ☺

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