Frequently asked questions

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What is 3Speak?

3speak is a new platform providing a censor-free environment for content creators who have been deplatformed or demonetised by large tech companies. Unlike them, we do not rely on advertisers for income and therefore have no need to demonetize, censor or ban users. It is a free to view platform which also rewards registered users who interact with the content with cryptocurrency.
Currently, 3speak is in it's ALPHA stages, which means that some of the functionality of our roadmap is not yet fully integrated, but is being worked on.
To ensure that creators will never be banned or silenced, we require them to make a small monthly fee which includes two hours of encoding time. More encoding time can be purchased later if needed. However, don't worry about the costs because we reward our creators in STEEM upvotes which can be sold for legal tender.

Why am I not upvoted by 3Speak?

3Speak will vote at our own discretion and do not follow any specific criteria. The best way to attract our attention is to upload high-quality content and draw audiences and communities to 3speak.

What are the guidelines?

We believe Freedom of Speech is absolute. As outlined above, there are some instances where we would have to restrict content, but for clarity here are 3speak's policies on various subjects:

We fully support your right to be offensive as long as it does not violate any of our terms (see below).


SWEARING AND PROFANITY: (slander not allowed)

OFFENSIVE JOKES: (If you are making a joke which could be construed as something illegal or slanderous, it might be a good idea to make it clear. As long as you aren't calling for people to be killed or harmed in any way.)





What makes 3speak different?

3speak will not silence you for your views.

Our system uses blockchain to store text and metadata content, meaning it cannot be arbitrarily removed. We store our video content in a and secure and unidentifiable state via a trusted provider. This is to protect the content creators, and ourselves, from ad hominid attacks.

3speak also will never put a corporate advertiser over a content creator. And we will never remove a content creator in order to accommodate for advertisers.

3speak rewards creators, supporters and followers with cryptocurrency for making great comments and video content (which are subject to the same 3 rules that the content creators follow)

How do I become a content creator?

Firstly, you will need a steem account, you can buy one here. (dont loose your keys!).
Next you will need to log in with your steem account and click on the "creator studio" icon on the top right of the page.
You will be expected to pay a monthly fee to cover encoding costs.
You're all set up and ready to go!

How do I earn rewards for commenting?

In order to earn rewards, you need a Steem blockchain account. There are a few ways to get a Steem account:

1. Get one for free from Steemit ( This can take some time to get approved however.
2. Buy one from Steem Ninja for $2.50. This gives you an instant Steem account, however, with good commenting you should be able to earn this back in a few days!
3. Get another Steem user who can claim accounts to give one to you

Once you have an account, you need to login with SteemConnect. You will need to provide your ACTIVE key ONLY on the first login. Then you can post comments which can earn.

If you want to comment without earning cryptocurrency rewards, you can simply login with email or via your facebook, google, twitter or instagram accounts.